Captain Drakins’ Bitcoin Show

krzeslo3bbCaptain Drakin’s Bitcoin Show is an animated series that informs about Bitcoin. It is hosted by the pirate dragon Captain Drakins and his sidekick, Nick the Parrat.

A Bitfilm Production
Written & directed by Aaron Koenig
3D design & animation: Tomek Wilk
2D design & animation: Neha Shrestha, Aakash Doshi, Rudransh Mathur (Network of Creative Thinkers)
Music: Julio Kladniew
Sound design: Julio Kladniew & Tomek Wilk
Voices: Chris Dabbs, Elisabeth Becker, Stephanie Murphy read more>>

The show is set in a pirate world to better understand the “anti-system” attitude of the crypto world. In fact, the Captain and his parrot perform in a 3D studio decorated as a pirate ship and on the screen behind Drakins there will be several different visuals which illustrate the topics he is explaining.

Each of the episodes is prepared to look at the specific bitcoin issue. So it does not matter which section you start with

Captain Drakins’ Bitcoin Show is available in English, German, Spanish and Russian.
Кто-нибудь сомневался, что он знает русский? 🙂