Captain Drakins’ Bitcoin Show


A Bitfilm Production
Written & directed by Aaron Koenig
3D design & animation: Tomek Wilk
2D design & animation: Neha Shrestha, Aakash Doshi, Rudransh Mathur (Network of Creative Thinkers)
Music: Julio Kladniew
Sound design: Julio Kladniew & Tomek Wilk
Voices: Chris Dabbs, Elisabeth Becker, Stephanie Murphy


read more about the series at: Cointelegraph, The Merkle, Bitcoininspector, Coinfox, Steemit, Bitfilm

Nick warming up on the set

What is Hash? – episode 12.

Episode 9. – Storing Bitcoin safely

What is Mining? – episode 6.

Offering your services for Bitcoin – episode 2.

Selling Products for Bitcoin – Episode 1.

Travelling with Bitcoin – episode 4.

Episode 7.

Episode 8. – Digital Wallet

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